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2021-05-12How much is that meeting in the window?

No matter what job we do or who we work for all of us have been in meetings that we knew weren’t worth it. For those of us in the public sector there’s the added pressure knowing that we’re paid by the taxpayer. A couple of weeks ago a friend who works in another government department (for arguments sake the Department for Action) was lamenting that they and their team of six were asked by a someone in another government department (let’s say the Ministry of Meetings) to have a meeting with their team about a joint project they were working on.

2020-06-26The interplanetary birthday express

Hello Humans, we cake in peace. We here at the Interplanetary Cake Union have noticed that you are missing out on the opportunity of celebrating your birthday more often by not knowing about your birthdays on other planets, and thus are potentially depriving yourself of more cake eating opportunities. Please use our birthday planets tool to review your age on other planets in the solar system, when your next birthday is and then use our Interplanetary Birthday Express service to order yourself a galactic collection of cake1.