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2023-05-01Refactoring and improving {tidyods}

Last summer I started the development of {tidyods}, an R package for reading cells in ODS (OpenDocument Spreadsheet) files, and effectively a {tidyxl} equivalent for ODS files. After developing the first iteration of the package in June I left it alone, but I’ve recently revisited the package and refactored the code which has improved performance.

2022-06-12Introducing tidyods

TLDR: For very good reasons ODS is a horrible data file format. The OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ODS) format is an increasingly common format for publishing spreadsheets, especially official statistics from UK government departments. I recently encountered a problem when trying to use the {readODS} package to read a published ODS file. More surprsingly, I discovered that {readODS} is the only R package on CRAN for working with ODS files. As a result I’ve started to develop my own package, {tidyods}.