tidyods and shrthnd are on r-universe

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At some point I’ll probably get round to putting {tidyods} and {shrthnd} on CRAN, but in the meantime I’ve set up a repository on R-universe that hosts these two packages.

The main benefit is that R-universe provides binary packages, while both packages use solely R code and there’s no source compilation there are still environments which might prefer binary version of the packages. And, as of November last year, R-universe now builds WASM binaries for use with WebR. Not that I’m entirely sure whether there’d be a use case for either of these with WebR, but it’s a nice touch.

install.packages("tidyods", repos = "https://mattkerlogue.r-universe.dev")
install.packages("shrthnd", repos = "https://mattkerlogue.r-universe.dev")

Also included in the R-universe repository are the {govukhugo} and {deckhand} packages I created while working for the Cabinet Office.