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2021-01-10Planning our Twitter walk

Let’s just acknowledge upfront that this is a very strange week to be writing about Twitter posting strategies1. This is the second blog about my coastalwalkr project, you can read the first here. The last post introduced a conceptual evolutionary jump for the mapbotverse — walking — and we’ve seen how in R we might be able to programmatically take a walk along the coast of Great Britain. For humans the walk in and of itself can be the sole purpose of the activity, but a mapbot probably needs something more to keep itself occupied and entertained?

2021-01-03Let's go for a walk

Back in October I developed a twitter bot based on Matt Dray’s londonmapbot. I’ve recently been thinking about other projects that might make good opportunities for learning, and thus blog posts. One idea was for a new addition to the mapbotverse1, which started as just tweeting a random location along the British coastline with maybe some of the same features as the narrowbotR but as I thought about it I wondered whether to make this a slightly more sophisticated bot.